Why Solar ?


The rise in solar panels appearing on roofs of residents and businesses (private and public) is no surprise given the many benefits. Indeed, it’s estimated that more than 2.5 million solar PV systems are installed across Australia and this number will continue to grow.


With Solar PV systems, you’re guaranteed to enjoy benefits like these:

Save on your power bills

Why pay more for power than you need too? Indeed, why pay for electricity at all? Solar power removes the stress of unknown, large bills. It lets you better manage your budgets against future energy increases. It lets you maximise savings, especially in locations that gets loads of sun throughout the year, like Canberra and NSW.


Protect yourself against price shocks

It’s always a shock when you get a high electricity bill for heating in winter and cooling in summer. With a solar system, you needn’t be shocked by bills for combatting excessive cold or scorching heat. You’re also protected against inevitable future price increases for electricity. We’ve seen some hefty electricity price rises in the last few years and Renew Economy says we’re facing more in the next couple of years.



Benefit from government rebates and incentives

The ACT government is so supportive of clean and sustainable energy and achieving zero net emissions by 2050, it offers a range of rebates and incentives to help you with the costs of installing a rooftop solar PV system. Eligible ACT households can get a rebate of up to 60 per cent. The Federal Government provides up-front incentives also, through Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Utility companies are required to purchase STCs to achieve the renewable energy target.


Take advantage of attractive finance options

Financing a solar power system has never been easier with flexible and attractive finance options on the market, including interest-free options. The Green Loan financial service, tailored by Mondiaux solar in co-operation with Australia’s leading credit service provider,  provides reliable, convenient and fast loans for customers who select us to design and install a renewable energy (solar system).


Increase the value of your property

Installing a solar system is a long-term investment. You’ll enjoy the benefits of solar power for many years. If you need to sell, you’ll also benefit from the increased value to your property. Many buyers will pay more for a property with solar. Indeed, a leading Australian energy retailer says solar is a unique selling proposition. Studies show that a solar PV system on a house can increase property value by almost $6,000 per kilowatt of the installed system. That’s more than a $29,000 rise in the retail value of a home for a typical 5kW solar PV system.


Leverage your location

Canberra is perfect place to leverage the power of the sun to generate your own electricity. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology reports that the capital has annual average daily sunshine of seven to eight hours, which is around 5 hours of full noon sunshine a day. This makes Canberra one of the best locations in Australia for installing solar PV systems.


Be kind to the environment

All other benefits aside, installing a solar system gives you a big tick for contributing to a sustainable future. It shows you care and is a positive way you can reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of the size of your solar system.




The pollution from electricity used to power cars makes electric vehicles powered by solar energy a great option. Ride your electric vehicle for free.

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Take advantage of price drops

The cost of producing and installing solar power systems has dropped significantly over the last decade or so. The industry continues to become more competitive as global demand drives prices down. That’s why solar is experiencing its own boom.


Reduce roof temperature

It’s a fact that solar panels retain heat. This means they help keep your roof warmer in winter. They do so by reducing the rate at which your roof cools down, which helps keep your house warm at night.


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