What are the benefits of getting battery storage for the solar system?

Are you considering pairing your solar panels with battery storage? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with solar batteries.

1. Government battery rebate

The ACT is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2045. It is a great time to get involved with the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, with government rebates available to reduce upfront costs. The battery rebate for households is $3,500 (excluding GST), for businesses is $35,000 (excluding GST).

Government rebates are regularly updated, see latest battery storage rebates by visiting: Next Gen Energy Storage Program

2. Power your home at night

By installing a connected battery, you can use more of the solar energy produced by your home. Because the solar system is not making electricity at night, the excess power that has already been generated during daytime can be used at night time.  

3. Lower your electricity bills

If your utility increases electricity rates, you can still save on bills with a battery. Charging up your battery in the off-peak and using that power at night to cover the peak times, which can effectively minimise your bill. Depending on the size of your system, sometimes you can even sell your storing energy back to the grid when the rates are higher for better returns.

4. Less dependent on the grid

Having a battery storage system means you still have power during a blackout. For example, when the power goes out in your neighbourhood unexpectedly, but you have a solar system on your rooftop with battery storage, you will be blissfully unaware and still enjoy watching TV.

Photo credit to Mondiaux Solar client: Mr Singh

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