The most crucial question: more solar panels or a battery

The best thing you can do for the planet is switch to solar energy. When you buy a solar system, there is one thing that will catch your eye. “The solar battery.” It stores the energy from the solar PV system in a solar system. The battery increases people’s solar independence, as it provides them with a system that eliminates the need to export the electricity from the grid station. When the sun is sleeping, houses with batteries can use the access power stored instead of getting it from the grid station.

Solar Battery is now accessible

Batteries were exorbitant in the past; hence the solar system was often supplied by the grid station. Solar batteries have become more accessible and economical as technology has evolved. If you are located in Canberra, you can also take advantage of the prevailing government programs to get a solar battery for your system.

Mondiaux Team member is fixing a battery
Depending on your electricity needs, batteries are now making economic sense as more rebates become available. Photo: Mondiaux Solar.

But here’s a pertinent question: should you spend more money on solar panels or on a new solar battery?

Your usage and the available area for additional solar panels determine the answer to this big question. If you have a standard solar system and your energy consumption skyrockets after a certain period, you will need to add more solar panels. Provision you’re aiming to save more. However, if the panels you already have are sufficient to meet your energy needs, adding more solar panels won’t offer you many benefits. Also, even if you require more panels, but the space available prevents you from doing so, you will be unable to obtain additional panels for your home.

In such a situation, getting a battery rather than more panels for your system is always a good idea.

Why you need a solar battery?

The following explanations can help elucidate why you require a battery.

  • By utilising more solar energy, the battery aids in increasing the efficiency of the solar system.
  • With a battery, you can save even more money.
  • You won’t have to rely on energy corporations like you would with a standard system, so you’ll be able to attain power independence.
  • You can still have fun even if others don’t have electricity. It is ensured for you by the battery, if it has blackout protection.

The perfect time to get a battery

When solar panels are in the installation phase, it is the perfect time to acquire a battery because their combined cost will allow you to reduce individual installation costs while also synchronizing their payback periods. It will also assist you in creating a healthy and green environment. As a result, getting a battery at the right time rather than investing in more solar panels is always a good idea if the current panels are enough to meet your household’s needs.

Mondiaux team member is working on the site of solar system installation
When solar batteries are installed with the solar panels they help you to cut additional costs which comes with the installation process Photo: Mondiaux Team

What size of the battery is the best for you?

Every household’s solar system installation is unique. Every dwelling needs a customized solar plan depending on the needs, consumption, and space availability of households where the system is to be installed. As a general rule, a household with eight solar panels, usually a 2kW or higher solar system, is a sound system to get a battery. A solar battery will help boost the overall system’s efficiency. When it comes to battery installation, the size does matter. It should not be larger than your requirements or lower than your needs. A suitable size will allow you to get the most out of solar energy.

Check through the bills for the winter months to choose a suitable size for you. Divide the kWh value under the “Feed-in” or “Solar Exports” by the number of days in the billing period.   As a response, you’ll get your daily average solar export. It can assist you in predicting the capacity you will need for your battery.

Two Mondiaux team members are taking the size of the roof before installation
Assessing each residential site and consumer expectations is crucial to determining the ideal home solar system. Photo: Mondiaux Solar.

Installer of solar battery

After selecting to purchase a battery, the final step is to locate a qualified battery installer. If you live in Canberra or NSW, Mondiaux should be your first pick. We can assist you in determining what is appropriate for your property and what government incentives may be available for you, and we will handle the entire installation process. You can also get a free quote by just giving a call or contacting us through our provided contact details.

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