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Pain free, straightforward and reliable service is what you want from the solar company you choose to partner with. You don’t want hassle. You don’t want stress. You’re paying a lot of money for your new system and want professional backup on all fronts.

At Mondiaux Solar we get that. It’s why we’ve built our culture, team, systems and processes around a rock-solid guarantee. It’s our ‘care factor’ and it’s all about top-notch delivery.

With us you’ll be well taken care of and have a great experience, whether your project involves installing a solar panel system and/or a battery storage system. That’s from our very first meeting, through design, installation and after care.

What exactly do we guarantee?

  • effective communication
  • on-time appointments
  • on-time delivery
  • reliability
  • quick service
  • quality workmanship
  • quality products
  • professional approach
  • helpful attitude
  • attention to detail (including a thorough site cleanup).

Now, we’ve heard from our customers that many solar companies promise all of this. And we’ve heard that they don’t always deliver.

We don’t benchmark against others. We benchmark against ourselves. It’s why so much of our business is repeat business—from loyal, happy customers.

Now don’t get us wrong. There may be times when things don’t go exactly to plan, for reasons beyond out control, like when bad weather strikes and we can’t install when we had scheduled too. Our guarantee in these cases is to let you know asap if something changes and inform you—clearly and concisely—what Plan B is. This way we’re all well informed and on the same page. It’s the Mondiaux Solar promise guarantee.


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6.6KW - Residential Project

This project is located in Crace ACT. This 6.615kW system suitable for most regular families with 3-4 family members. With 21 Risen panels and a 5kW Huawei inverter, it is estimated with 11000kWh output each year. Equipped with a smart logger, our client can monitor the system performance as well as the working status of each array on their smart phone or web browser.

11.22KW - Residential Project

This project located in Throsby ACT. The project consists of 34 Qcell 330 solar panels and Huawei 10kW inverter. Its total power is 11.22kw All of the performance of our system can be monitored on a smart phone, it is also accessible on a web portal.

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19.14KW - Residential Project

This project located in Forde ACT. The project consists of 58 Risen 330 solar panels, a Huawei 10kW inverter and a Huawei 5kW inverter. Its total power is 19.14kw All of the performance of our system can be monitored on a smart phone, it is also accessible on a web portal.This residential property contains a swimming pool purification and heating system , central air conditioner and heater.

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