Mondiaux Solar offers a range of product types, all of which are of high quality. This includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, and EV chargers at entry, medium, and premium levels.

Importantly, Mondiaux Solar has chosen products with a long-standing presence in the Australian solar market. These products have been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven in terms of performance. They are high-quality, high-efficiency products designed to maximize your energy output and investment returns.

All the solar panels we offer are approved by the Clean Energy Council. They also meet the criteria for Bloomberg Tier 1 classification, signifying that they are manufactured by financially stable, reputable companies committed to their products. These are companies that we expect to be around for the long term, providing you with ongoing support and solutions should any unexpected issues arise.

Furthermore, our products represent the latest technology, and they are listed on the Clean Energy Council’s official approved list. This certification ensures compliance with Australian safety standards, backed by sound evidence. Certificates of Suitability, confirming compliance, have been thoroughly examined and verified by the Clean Energy Council.

You can have the same confidence in our products as we do, supported by our extensive warranties.

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Check Your Government Incentive Status

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*Solar Hours data from BOM. Consumption percentage value from average house consumption behavior in Australia. Assumed electricity rate is 25c/kWh for purchasing and 8c/kWh for exporting

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