Part 2: Going Solar! Stay Aware of These Traps!

Going Solar is the most beautiful gift you can give to mother Earth. But you can fall into many traps if you don’t know how to do it effectively. This Blog is the sequel to the previous blog. We recommend reading it before starting this blog if you have not checked it out yet.

6: Believing! If the location is not optimal, the Solar is not worth it.

It is a big one among the many traps! If the location is not optimal, the solar system is not worth it. It has been claimed recently that solar systems are getting better with time. And in today’s time, even if the solar panel is not installed in the north direction, it would still be worth it. As you only lose 10-15% of your solar system production. This depicts that even though the location might not seem right to you going, solar is still a fantastic decision that can help you save a lot in the long run.

Solar Panels can still work in non-optimal locations Photo Credit: Markus Winkler
7: Settling for DIY solar systems

Solar systems can vary in size and the way they operate. Some people can go for off-grid plug-and-play solar systems, which are not very complex in their operations. These DIY solar systems also aid you in going solar, but you cannot completely go off the grid with these systems. Hence, if the person’s goal is to get self-sufficient in electricity, they should think of installing the solar system through a reliable service provider. Otherwise, a person can fall into the trap of wasting money on getting a system that is not fulfilling the energy demands fully.

8: Making the decision solely based on the price

Going Solar is a tremendous decision, and it can look like an extravagant purchase. Some people can make the mistake of going for the company that is offering the least money. The money factor can add to the traps section when going solar. You can choose a company offering you the least amount, but the system being delivered is also very substandard. Although it has not been advocated here that the cheapest is the worst. But while deciding to go solar, look for company ratings, reviews, and how they deal with your needs before the purchase. The value for money should be considered before deciding to go solar with any company. The company that provides the best value for money should be chosen.

9: Not Taking Advantage of Incentives

Solar can help you make the environment more sustainable and can also assist you in gaining incentives from the government. It is essential to have a hold on the knowledge of incentives that the government is offering to achieve the maximum benefit. A prevalent perk the government provides is lowering taxes for solar energy-dependent individuals. And businesses can benefit by capitalizing on accelerated depreciation. It is vital to keep yourself up to date with what the government is offering in terms of the benefits for the solar community.

A lot of solar installers are busy in installing the solar panel.
It is foremost to know about the incentives offered by government programs to take advantage of them. Photo Credit: Justin Lim
10: Lack of knowledge of Warranties

It is vital to know warranties before going solar with any installer. There are two types of warranties. One is offered by the manufacturer, and the other by the solar installer. Sometimes the manufacturer only gives a warranty. So if something happens with the system, the customers are satisfied that it is still under warranty. They can get it fixed without any cost. But they are actually falling into one of the traps! When they ask the installer to fix it, the installer doesn’t take charges for the system, but the installer does charge for the labor work. So it is crucial to know what the manufacturer is offering you as a warranty and what is being communicated to you by the installer. It is better to go with an installer that can also cover the labor charges in the warranty.

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