How can you get a solar system installed with the Sustainable household Scheme

Act’s Government initiative of giving interest-free loans is a great help for people. The individuals who want to have a solar system ensconce in their residential areas but could not do so due to budget constraints can benefit themselves through Sustainable Household Scheme. Mondiaux can help its customers to attain interest-free loans for their solar needs. The following lines will elucidate how our team works once you select us for getting your solar system.

Steps for solar installation with Sustainable Household Scheme through Mondiaux

1: Inquiry for the Quotation

The client asks for a quote from the Mondiaux team. Our sales team shares the query with our technical team. Afterward, our technical team starts to work on it. Our team can be pretty helpful in making our customers know what is suitable for them and which system can bestow them with maximum benefits. Finally, our team shares customized plans along with prices with the customers based on their solar needs.

2: Finalization of the Plan

Once our customer selects a quote, it progresses towards the next step. The customers then review the available options and finalize the quote. At last, the quote which the customer chooses and we approve is stamped as final. Afterward, the customer signs the quote that has made its way to the final round.

3: Loan for the Solar Plan using the Sustainable household Scheme

Once we receive a signed quotation from our customer, we send it to Brighte. It is a Sustainable household Scheme loan provider. We also provide the referral of the client to Brighte. Once they have received the quotation and the referral, they contact the customer themselves. After the background checks of the customer, Brigthe approves the loan or rejects it. Brighte often asks the customer for the documentation. Documentation should be according to the ACT government’s criteria for the Sustainable Household Scheme. The approval of the loan depends on that documentation. When the loan is approved Mondiaux team prepares for the installation process.

4: Installation Process

The Mondiaux solar team takes care of all the events during the installation process. In the meantime, the client has to relax and wait for an excellent outcome. Mondiaux has certified and trained installers who keenly take care of the entire process and fulfill all the client’s expectations.

5: Payment Procedure

After the completion of the installation process, Mondiaux receives the payment from Brighte. The clients then have to start paying their dues in installments to Brighte. Clients can pay Brighte over a period of 10 years.

Why choose Mondiaux?

Our customers can relish and be relaxed about the one-time payments and the installation during this entire process. If you choose Mondiaux, then installation no more remains your headache. Mondiaux is a renowned and accredited company in Canberra and NSW. We make sure to deliver our best services to our clients. We want our clients to enjoy the power savings and leave the rest on us. Fulfilling the solar needs of our customers through a Sustainable household scheme is not a problem for us. Mondiaux has helped many clients go solar with government loans, and you can also get it through us. Go solar with Mondiaux and make the best decision for your solar system installation.

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