How many solar panels do you need for your house

Solar Panels are shown in this picture.

Imagine you have decided to make this environment a better place to live. You have made up your mind and are not on the fence to cut your carbon footprint. Conceptualize that you have chosen to help your generations thrive blithely in this environment.
The first step towards going green was this choice of going solar. So you have accomplished the elementary phase. And the next step after making this determination is how? And to explain this, “how” your first question should be about the panel size instead of the company or installation. How many solar panels do I need to power my house?
Addressing this technical question is crucial before moving to the next step of finding a paragon company and installing the solar system. If you fail to purvey this question adequately, a solar system will not provide you with many benefits. The following points will help you fathom your solar needs:

Factors that affect the size of your solar panels:

  • Budget
  • It is a well-known fact that you can’t buy a Kohinoor if you only have a few cents in your pocket. So to know your budget is salient before making any purchase. It is also critical for deciding how many panels you need for your house. However, if you reside in Canberra, you can surely think about snowballing your budget while installing a solar system in your residential or commercial setting. The government has myriad schemes that can help you with your budget problems. Like the recent sustainable household scheme, which provides zero-interest loans of between $2,000 to $15,000 to eligible ACT households

    Budget ∝ Size of Solar Panels

  • Your saving expectations
  • When you decide to get a solar panel for your house, you first need to assess a very crucial question. “What is your saving expectation from your system?” Are you looking for something that will help you amputate your electricity cost? Do you want your electricity costs just to become neutral? Or do you want to earn credits from your power supplier? Whatever you desire from your system will help you decide what panel suits your needs. If you wish to become self-sufficient in your energy needs, you must use more panels. And If you want to cover only your day hour needs, the size can be smaller. Calculate your saving here.

    Saving Expectation ∝ Size of Solar Panels

    This picture is used to show the savings expectation. In this picture a woman is holding money.

  • The amount of Sunshine hitting your place
  • Like humans can’t thrive without oxygen, a solar system is ineffectual without sunshine. The sunshine is the soul of any solar power system. This fact makes your geographic location a paramount factor in deciding the fate of the profit of the solar system. The amount of energy that a system will produce is directly related to the amount of sunlight it draws daily. Any location acquiring sunlight with four peak sun hours is contemplated as super-eminent. Luckily in Canberra, the rooftops receive an average of 4.8 hours of sun per day, making it a commendable location for solar panels installation. This amount of sunlight also varies, and it’s higher in summer and lowers in the winter. The lesser sunshine you’re getting, the greater will be the size of your panel. Hence, what system you need depends on the amount of sunlight you receive.

    The amount of Sunshine hitting your place ∝ 1/Size of Solar Panels

  • Direction of Installation
  • The solar panels’ direction is also crucial, just like the geographical location. A commendatory direction will increase the output of the solar panels. Like in Australia north-facing direction will give maximum output. It is so because Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere. In the majority of Australia, the north-facing panels produce the best outcome.

    The east-facing panels produce more solar energy in the morning, and the west-facing panels have it exceedingly in the afternoon. At the same time, south-facing panels produce the least amount of solar energy in contrast to panels in other directions. Hence how many panels your house needs also depends on what direction it will allow the solar panels. If a north-facing direction is not available, then west or east are preferred. And if none of the three are available due to the house’s unique position that produces a shade in other directions, then south is a good option. More panels are required in the directions where the efficiency is low.

    Favorable Direction ∝ 1/Size of Solar Panels

  • Consumption of your household or commercial area
  • The total consumption of your area is essential in deciding the fate of your panels. So if a person wants to find out the size of the panel, they need to know two things the amount of energy produced and the amount of energy consumed. Like standardly, each kilowatt of solar makes 4 – 4.5 kWh per day. You need to divide your daily consumption by this amount to know the panel size.

    Example: 17.5 kWh (daily average) / 4.5 kWh = 3.88 (4 kWh)

    There is another way to check the system size. Mondiaux uses this formula to calculate the size to install its peerless panels in Canberra and NSW. The average system consumption is divided by standard panel production, and the result is equal to the number of panels required at your unit. Following is an example based on average system production and average household consumption.

    Example: (8.65 kW) *1000 / 390 W (per panel) = 22 Panels

    You can use either of these formulas to check what size of the panel you require.

    Consumption ∝ Size of Solar Panels

    Hence there are a lot of factors that define what panel size you should get for your unit. To enjoy the maximum outcome, you want to have a panel size best suited for your house. Panels with extended warranties are the most reliable and will provide you with significant profits in the future. You should do market research and find the pre-eminent companies for installation. And if you’re in Canberra or in NSW from Eden to Kiama, don’t hesitate to choose Mondiaux Solar. We will help you in knowing what’s best for your place. Mondiaux provides premium services at the most reasonable rates, and it should be your number 1 choice if you want to get a solar system that is unimpeachable and efficient.

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