Solar systems can be complex so you’ll want a company you can trust. Select a company that has what it takes to design and install to the highest standards. This will give you confidence that you’ll get the most out of your investment in solar and battery storage.

We get a big tick at every turn for our standards, quality, ethics, professionalism, products and installation. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Approved solar retailer

We’re an approved Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, which means we exceed the minimum requirements set by government and regulations for the solar and storage industry. To be granted this status, we had to undergo a rigorous application process. This required us to demonstrate our commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities, and industry best practice. We also had to demonstrate we meet the requirements set out in the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

Approved solar designers

All our solar designers are accredited with the Clean Energy Council which means they’ve undergone the right training, follow best practice and adhere to strict Australian Standards. We don’t just stop there. With so many new techniques and products continually coming on to the market, it’s essential to keep up-do-date. Our solar designers routinely update their skills and product knowledge. With an accredited designer you can be sure that only approved solar and battery designs will be installed, to the highest quality Australian Standards.

Approved solar installers

All our installers are accredited under the strict Clean Energy Council guidelines. This means we can put our hands on our hearts and promise that we’ve taken all necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems to best-practice standards. To achieve this, we worked through the detailed Clean Energy Council accreditation program, designed to raise the standard of quality in the solar industry. For you this means you’re getting a system that’s safe, reliable and meets your expectations. Also, you’re only eligible for solar rebates if you’ve had your solar installed by a Clean Energy Council approved installer.

Approved solar products

We only sell products that meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery storage systems. These products meet the stringent Clean Energy Council’s Product Listing Terms and Conditions and requirements of the Product Assurance Program. This protects you from investing in dodgy products.

We are a fully licensed Solar retailer !

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Authorised Partner

It’s essential to select a company that selects its solar partners for their amazing products as much as for their relationships and customer focus.

At Mondiaux Solar, we’re super fussy with who we partner with. We only select authorised manufacturers with a proven reputation, quality products, extensive training and experience. These partners have solid reputations and are fully accredited and insured. They’ve also been around for a long time and so are dependable. And last, but not least, they know their products inside and out.

We’re authorised to partner with more than 8 manufacturers operating in the solar and battery industry. Here are some of the most well-known manufacturers we have strong relationships with.

We have established strong relationships with the headquarters of various solar manufacturers over years

Making the world a more sustainable place to live:

Mondiaux GM: Howard Lian, with Smart Energy Council CEO, talking all things solar at a Smart Energy Council Networking event.

Mondiaux stays on top of new solar and battery products. At a Huawei new product launch (from left):

Richard Chen, Sales Engineer, Sunman Energy;

Tellen Chen, Regional Sales Manager BDM, One Stop Warehouse;

Daniel Lin, MD, Huawei Solar Business Australia;

Bin Wang, Director, Mondiaux Solar;

Leonardo Wang, Residential Sales Manager, Mondiaux Solar.

Communicating in real time

Ever had a product problem reported and then waited forever and a day to get a response? Well with Mondiaux Solar, you—as our customer—can count on speedy resolution.

Our after-sales team has well-established, close relationships with all of our manufacturers. They’re so close that we’re able to communicate product problems in real time and solve issues asap. It’s a distinct Mondiaux Solar competitive advantage that assures clients of more efficient services and quicker solutions. No more waiting for long periods to get things fixed.


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