7 Important Features that Determine the Quality of Solar Panels

Humans have no survival other than this planet. So, our foremost responsibility is to make this planet a better place to live. Getting a solar system is a decision that can help you to revel savings while healing the environment. When you make this incredible decision of going solar, it is imperative to find the best solar panels that fulfill all your solar needs.

Essential features in Solar Panels

There are seven essential features that you should look for in any solar panel to devise its quality.

1: Panel output

The solar panel’s output is a vital feature that a purchaser should consider. The output shows the number of watts generated by the solar panel at the best temperature. Solar panels consist of many solar cells. When several solar cells combine, they form a module. The result of grouping many modules is an array.
A solar panel with many modules is dense, and its output is more as this solar panel will create more watts. So less dense modules have a lower output, producing fewer watts. But having a more dense module system is also expensive. The more the output, the greater will be the cost. So it is crucial to find a system that meets the output goal you want to achieve with your system, and it’s also in your budget.

A suitable solar panel can help you achieve your savings goal and enable you to enjoy guilt-free electricity. Photo: Nuno Marques

2: Size of the Panels

When you’re looking for a solar panel, one significant thing is the size of the solar panel. The size depends on various factors like the amount of output you need from your panel, the money you want to spend, and the direction in which you’re going to fit your panel. Out of these factors, the direction is the most important one.

As if the direction is favorable, then the overall output of the solar panel is increased. In fact, the region is the southern hemisphere in Australia. So, it is always best to have all the solar panels in the north-facing direction. Therefore the size of the panel should fit in that direction. Indeed the panels should fit on the roof in the direction that gives the maximum benefits. And if some other direction is suitable for your house, the size should be ideal for that direction. Hence, an expert installer should tell you what size is the best for you.

a man is shown standing on the roof and fixing the solar panel
Assessing each residential site and consumer expectations is crucial to determining the ideal home solar system. Photo: Mondiaux Solar.

3: Durability

It is an essential feature that a solar panel must possess. It can be very problematic for the users if panels are not durable. A harsh climate can cause damage to the solar panel which often requires replacement. Especially in Canberra, hail and strong wind can quickly bruise fragile systems.
A durable solar panel can be alluring and can save you from a lot of hassle. Solar panels should be firm, long-lasting, enable to handle heavy snow, hail, and strong winds.

4: Efficiency

When purchasing a solar system, it is paramount to consider the panels’ efficiency. The system’s ability enables it to convert the input energy into the output. A sound system has an efficiency towards the higher end, usually between 17 to 19 %. In contrast, higher than this is considered the top-line system. An average panel has an efficiency between 15 to 16 %.

an electric meter is shown in the image
The ability to convert the input energy into the output determines the efficiency of a solar panel Photo: Thomas Kelley

5: Warranty

Solar companies offer warranties on their systems. When assessing a solar panel, it is imperative to know that it should be under warranty. Many companies offer different warranties to their customers, starting from five years to twenty years, for different solar products. A solar panel under a more extended warranty is an attractive purchase.
There is also a vital thing to know about the warranty that you should purchase a system that gives you a valuable installation warranty. An installation warranty ensures that you can get a new system from the installer if your system is faulty.
You also want to make sure your solar panels have performance warranties. A performance warranty is a promise that a manufacturer will deem your panel defective if it falls below a level of performance. Many manufacturers put this at least 80% performance of their rated efficiency. This type of warranty will help you gain the maximum performance of your system over the years. Performance warranties are usually valid for extended periods.

6: Reliability

Many options in the market are selling solar panels. It is crucial to choose the best and most reliable option that can provide the best warranties, is durable, and has professional installers. ACT Government has also accredited a few installers to help you choose reliable installers in Canberra.

A man is sitting on the roof and fixing the solar panel
A well-designed solar panel system will take into account your site, expectations, budget, and its reliable. Photo: Mondiaux Solar.

7: Installer of the Solar Panels

Finding a quality installer is significant for getting the best solar panels and system at your place. If you are in Canberra or NSW and need the best installer, Mondiaux should be your number 1 choice. Mondiaux is a government-accredited company that aims to provide the best to its customers. For us, the client is everything, and we design customized systems specific to our customer’s needs.
If you’re interested in going solar now or learning more about Mondiaux, visit our website; or call us at 1300 911 110.

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