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What is Solar Inverter Oversizing

Normally the number of solar panels installed on the roof is matched to the solar inverter size. The total number of panels is calculated by dividing the inverter power rating by the chosen solar panel power. This was often the practice carried out by some solar designers in the past. If you have been in […]

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Part 1: Going Solar! Stay Aware of These Traps!

Going Solar is an astounding decision that we can take for our future. Science has made it quite evident that the world is warming perilously. Hence climate change is a problem that needs our immediate attention. If we don’t take significant actions today, there is a high chance that our future will be disastrous.Finally, you […]

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Solar Panels on the roof of the house is shown in the image

Part 2: Going Solar! Stay Aware of These Traps!

Going Solar is the most beautiful gift you can give to mother Earth. But you can fall into many traps if you don’t know how to do it effectively. This Blog is the sequel to the previous blog. We recommend reading it before starting this blog if you have not checked it out yet. 6: […]

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A smart meter is shown in the picture

Smart Meter – Frequently Asked Questions

Smart meter is a device that gathers data from the electrical cables and records energy flow in and out between the grid and your house. It gives the consumer detailed information about the usage. It also transfers the information to the energy provider for billing purposes.   Different Types of a Smart Meters Two of […]

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Solar Batteries – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a battery storage system look like? The size of a battery storage system depends on the commercial and household units in which it is installed. The battery storage system, which is primarily for households, is the size of a small refrigerator. Battery storage systems in business settings, on the other hand, can […]

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Different brands of batteries are shown in the image

How to Buy the Best Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are a great way to supplement your solar system. They have the potential to dramatically change your solar system and make it far more self-sufficient. It is vital to consider that solar batteries are also a costly option. But no doubt, these are worthwhile investments. Also, due to their exorbitant prices, you should […]

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Why solar batteries are a long-term investment?

In the solar sector, batteries are a game-changer. Your solar system will become self-contained if you have a battery installed. Solar batteries eliminate the need for consumers to purchase electricity from the grid. However, consumers who want to buy a solar battery have a huge concern. One big worry is that solar batteries are highly […]

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Solar Batteries – Frequently Asked Questions Part II

Q1: Can I add a battery to an existing solar system? YES, it is possible! The easiest way is to install an AC Coupled battery storage system, which can eliminate the need to contact existing solar wiring. Not only is it easy to set up but it is also a more economical way to increase […]

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Huawei solar battery

Solar batteries functions

If you are thinking about adding a battery storage system and wondering if it is worth adding, read this article to help you find out the possible functions of a battery storage system for grid-connected PV systems. In short, batteries serve two purposes: increase self-consumption, and provide backup when the grid is not working (it […]

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Solar feed in tariff

What is solar feed in tariff? Feed in tariff (FiT) is one of the financial incentives offered to the homeowners going solar. The rates vary depending on which state or territory you live in, and which energy retailer you have. The rates are mandated by the government or electricity retailers. When your solar system produces […]

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What are the benefits of getting battery storage for the solar system?

Are you considering pairing your solar panels with battery storage? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with solar batteries. 1. Government battery rebate The ACT is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2045. It is a great time to get involved with the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, with government rebates […]

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A house with the solar panels is covered with snow

Are Solar Panels Effective during the winter months?

Solar is with the sun. No sun means no solar, right! So the biggest fear of the people interested in the solar system is the winter season. As in winter, the sun is taking some rest and does not bestow its magical powers on your residential area as much as it was doing previously. For […]

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Solar Panels are shown in the image

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) Explained

Every country wants to invest in solar energy in the future. It has the potential to make countries more self-sufficient and autonomous. These days, the majority of the countries’ governments encourage their citizens to adopt solar. Incentives from the government are a part of this engagement. The Australian government also offers a small-scale technology certificate […]

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What determines the cost of a solar battery

In the solar sector, solar batteries are game-changers. Solar batteries enable people to achieve complete energy independence. People with solar batteries do not need to rely on grid power. However, when purchasing a battery, the cost of a solar battery might be a significant consideration for many people. Before deciding on any of the available […]

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Mondiaux Solar team member is standing and fixing the battery

The most crucial question: more solar panels or a battery

The best thing you can do for the planet is switch to solar energy. When you buy a solar system, there is one thing that will catch your eye. “The solar battery.” It stores the energy from the solar PV system in a solar system. The battery increases people’s solar independence, as it provides them with […]

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a man is installing a solar panel on the roof of a town house

7 Important Features that Determine the Quality of Solar Panels

Humans have no survival other than this planet. So, our foremost responsibility is to make this planet a better place to live. Getting a solar system is a decision that can help you to revel savings while healing the environment. When you make this incredible decision of going solar, it is imperative to find the […]

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The Globe of the world is placed on the table

The Socio-economic development by Solar Energy

The human race has a long history on this planet. These species have done a lot on Earth. From utilizing the resources to exploiting them, humans have done everything. We are the pioneers of pollution. Consequently, pollution has dilapidated this wandering star. Humans brought many revolutions to make the people on Earth richer. One such […]

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How many solar panels do you need for your house

Imagine you have decided to make this environment a better place to live. You have made up your mind and are not on the fence to cut your carbon footprint. Conceptualize that you have chosen to help your generations thrive blithely in this environment.The first step towards going green was this choice of going solar. […]

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Why should we go solar

There is a star that gives life to this planet. Without that star, there will be no weather changes, no ocean currents, no different seasons, no plants, and no such climate where humans and other species can survive. There is no existence without this star. And this star which we call “the Sun,” is the […]

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