Frequently Asked Questions About Using Solar Power for Winter Energy Needs

1. Do solar panels work in the winter? Yes, solar panels do work in the winter. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is. In fact, they can be more efficient in colder temperatures as long as they receive adequate sunlight. 2. Will snow cover affect my solar panels’ performance? Snow can affect solar […]

Solar Batteries – Frequently Asked Questions Part II

Q1: Can I add a battery to an existing solar system? YES, it is possible! The easiest way is to install an AC Coupled battery storage system, which can eliminate the need to contact existing solar wiring. Not only is it easy to set up but it is also a more economical way to increase […]

Solar batteries functions

If you are thinking about adding a battery storage system and wondering if it is worth adding, read this article to help you find out the possible functions of a battery storage system for grid-connected PV systems. In short, batteries serve two purposes: increase self-consumption, and provide backup when the grid is not working (it […]

Solar feed in tariff

What is solar feed in tariff? Feed in tariff (FiT) is one of the financial incentives offered to the homeowners going solar. The rates vary depending on which state or territory you live in, and which energy retailer you have. The rates are mandated by the government or electricity retailers. When your solar system produces […]

What are the benefits of getting battery storage for the solar system?

Are you considering pairing your solar panels with battery storage? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with solar batteries. 1. Government battery rebate The ACT is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2045. It is a great time to get involved with the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, with government rebates […]

ACT Next Gen Battery Storage Program

What is Next Gen Battery Program? The ACT government offers the $25 million Next Gen program, initially set up in early 2016. Registered residents will be able to enjoy up to $3500 rebate off batteries if joining the program before 31 August 2022. This program aims to stimulate the implementation of distributed solar energy storage […]