Solar for Low-Income Program

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Renewable Energy Source Solar energy is coming from a source that is not depleting with time. This resource is not location-dependent. Also, countries don’t have to import this resource from other countries. Hence solar creates a win-win situation for the governments, residents, and the environment.  For this reason, countries spend a lot to nurture solar […]

Frequently Asked Questions for Sustainable Household Scheme

The ACT government’s Sustainable Household Scheme is a fantastic endeavor to make solar accessible to everyone. However, there are a lot of questions about this plan. The following are some frequently asked questions that can assist you in learning more about the scheme. 1. Who can I contact to get the loan? The government has […]

What determines the cost of a solar battery

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In the solar sector, solar batteries are game-changers. Solar batteries enable people to achieve complete energy independence. People with solar batteries do not need to rely on grid power. However, when purchasing a battery, the cost of a solar battery might be a significant consideration for many people. Before deciding on any of the available […]

The most crucial question: more solar panels or a battery

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The best thing you can do for the planet is switch to solar energy. When you buy a solar system, there is one thing that will catch your eye. “The solar battery.” It stores the energy from the solar PV system in a solar system. The battery increases people’s solar independence, as it provides them with […]

7 Important Features that Determine the Quality of Solar Panels

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Humans have no survival other than this planet. So, our foremost responsibility is to make this planet a better place to live. Getting a solar system is a decision that can help you to revel savings while healing the environment. When you make this incredible decision of going solar, it is imperative to find the […]

How can you get a solar system installed with the Sustainable household Scheme

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Act’s Government initiative of giving interest-free loans is a great help for people. The individuals who want to have a solar system ensconce in their residential areas but could not do so due to budget constraints can benefit themselves through Sustainable Household Scheme. Mondiaux can help its customers to attain interest-free loans for their solar […]

What is Sustainable Household Scheme

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What can be a better benefaction for Mother Earth other than healing it from the debasement that it has undergone? We can adopt many ways to unchain our mother Earth from the chaos. Indeed, cutting our carbon footprint and going solar can be one of them. One of our primary concerns is the budget when […]

Mondiaux is now a Premium Elite Partner of Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei operates in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people worldwide. To fulfill the solar needs […]

The Socio-economic development by Solar Energy

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The human race has a long history on this planet. These species have done a lot on Earth. From utilizing the resources to exploiting them, humans have done everything. We are the pioneers of pollution. Consequently, pollution has dilapidated this wandering star. Humans brought many revolutions to make the people on Earth richer. One such […]

How many solar panels do you need for your house

Imagine you have decided to make this environment a better place to live. You have made up your mind and are not on the fence to cut your carbon footprint. Conceptualize that you have chosen to help your generations thrive blithely in this environment.The first step towards going green was this choice of going solar. […]